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HOST: It's days like today that make me wonder what John Titor's real message was. After an extended holiday with my family and friends, I had planned to start updating the John Titor web site with new graphics and features that might jazz things up a bit. Instead, the world has awoken to the horror of what's happening in Asia and Africa. First, I want to stress that my prayers and thoughts are with the thousands of people who are suffering right now. Second, I will refrain from comment and let the meaning of John's visit, words, and apparent inaction sit with anyone who may read this.

JAN 29, 2001 - JOHN: "I get no pleasure out of being right when it comes to CJD disease, war in the Middle East or suffering people in far away lands. There's nothing like the look on someone's face when you tell them 100,000 people will be dead tomorrow. In my travels, I have discovered that most people really don't want to know about the future because if its different than what they want it ticks them off. Actually, I don't blame them. "

Death toll reaches 100,000
The death toll in the tsunami disaster soared past 100,000 today - and is set to climb higher. A total of 50 Britons are now confirmed dead and at least 100 are unaccounted for after tidal waves swept away resorts in Thailand, Sri Lanka, India and around the Indian Ocean. Officials in every country today warned the final number of dead will be even higher as rescue teams reach remote areas. The UN said there were now strong grounds to believe that the toll in the Sumatran province of Aceh, the worst affected area, would be as high as 80,000.

http://www.thisislond /15630695? source= Evening%20 Standard&ct=5




"JOHN - JAN. 29, 2001: I get no pleasure out of being right when it comes to CJD disease, war in the Middle East or suffering people in far away lands. There's nothing like the look on someone's face when you tell them 100,000 people will be dead tomorrow. In my travels, I have discovered that most people really don't want to know about the future because if it's different than what they want it ticks them off."

Study puts Iraqi toll at 100,000

LONDON, England -- Public health experts have estimated that around 100,000 Iraqi civilians have died since the United States invaded Iraq in March last year. 2004/WORLD/meast/ 10/29/iraq. deaths/




HOST: Is it a coincidence that a major earthquake happened in Peru only four months after John made this statement?

"JOHN - FEB. 21, 2001: Consider that you are a time traveler who goes back in time to the first week of February 1970 and you are confronted with the same problem. What do you remember right now about the second week of February 1970?

Naturally, the conflict in Vietnam and the Middle East come up but as someone has already stated here, "that's old news". I suppose I could predict the failure of Apollo 13 spacecraft but since time travel is ridiculous, I would be blamed for sabotage. I might even decide to tell you about an earthquake in Peru but then people that would have died by chance will now live and vice versa. "

Earthquake in Peru

Southern Peru, June 23, 2001 — A magnitude-8.1 earthquake (originally thought to be 7.9) toppled adobe homes and stone buildings, on Saturday afternoon (June 23). Most of the damage and fatalities occurred in the towns of Arequipa, Moquegua and Tacna. Arequipa Mayor Manuel Guillin said that 70 percent of the homes in his town were damaged. The American Red Cross joined the Peruvian Red Cross to get relief to the earthquake victims.

http://www.redcross. org/news/in/peru/0106 perupage.html




HOST: Yes, the hurricane story may be too strange to be true, but... you can decide for yourself.

The map shown above presents the hurricanes as if they traversed neat, narrow paths, hitting only counties that voted for George Bush in 2000 (colored pink) and avoiding all counties that voted for Al Gore (colored blue). It took some finagling with the actual storm data to produce those results, however.

http://www .snopes. com /politics/ bush/ hurricane .asp




HOST: I plan to overhaul the the site soon, clean it up and add a few more things. This story caught my eye. According to the JT book, John's mother and family has moved from Florida here on our timeline. Could John have warned them about the many hurricanes that are now hitting Florida right where John said he was during the coming civil war?

"1. I live in central Florida with my family and I'm currently stationed at an Army base in Tampa.

2. After the war, my father made a living selling oranges up and down the West coast of Florida.

3. When I'm with my parents, I live in a community made up of "tree houses" on a large river in Florida. The river floods sometimes and we have access to the Gulf.

4. I went to school at Fort UF, which is now called the University of Florida.

5. In my 2012, I was 14 years old spending most of my time living, running and hiding in the woods and rivers of central Florida.

6. You've been to Cedar Key? You must be aware I don't know any personal information about you. If I was going to guess, I would say it's important to avoid the rattlesnake or you might be "walking" back to shore. You may be happy to know that although the bridge is gone, Cedar Key is still there. " news/3760261/detail.html


Hurricane Season Has Some Reconsidering Living In Florida

The latest hurricane to slam into Florida has some residents reconsidering whether or not they want to continue living in the state, according to a Local 6 News report. A Local 6 News exclusive survey found 31 percent of people asked said this year's storm season has caused them to think about leaving. However, 69 percent of those surveyed said no, that they have not thought about moving away from Florida. The storm sliced across the state Sunday with howling wind and rain, turning streets into rivers, peeling off roofs and rocketing debris from earlier storms through the air. The storm made landfall just weeks after Frances ravaged the same stretch of coast, and hurled debris only recently cleared from earlier hurricanes. Together, Hurricanes Ivan, Charley and Frances have already caused billions of dollars of damage and at least 70 deaths in the state. "The last three weeks have been horrific," said mobile home park owner Joe Stawara in Vero Beach. "And just when we start to turn the corner, this happens."




1. John stated that "John" was not his real name
2. John and his family lived in Florida
2. John travels in time to meet his family.
3. According to John's mother in the book, they have moved away from Florida.
4. Two hurricanes criss-cross right over the spot John claims to have lived in.
6. A third hurricane is on the way named "JOHN" in Russian.

http://www.quehubo. com/eng/hurricane _ivan.html




Earthquake Rattles Olympic Venues

ATHENS, Greece - An earthquake rattled Olympic venues Tuesday in and around Athens.
The Athens Geodynamic Institute said the tremor had a preliminary magnitude of 4.5 and occurred at 3:38 p.m. local time. It was centered about 42 miles northeast of Athens, 12 miles beneath the Aegean Sea. news?tmpl=story &cid=554& u=/ap/20040824/ ap_on_ol/oly_greece_ earthquake_2&printer=1




HOST: Is this the "parting of the red sea" John refers to in 2012?

Volcano 'could trigger killer tsunami'

LONDON, England (Reuters) -- The bad news is that tens of millions of people along the eastern seaboard of the United States and Canada may drown if the slow slippage of a volcano off north Africa becomes a cataclysmic collapse.

http:// ww w. cnn. com/ 2004/ TECH/ sci ence /08 /10 /sci ence .vol cano .reut/ index. html




Storm may cost $20 billion
Insurance adjustors assess Charley's damage to Florida

By Joseph B. Treaster
The New York Times

Saturday, August 14, 2004 - Damage inflicted by Hurricane Charley as it ripped across the midsection of Florida on Friday and early Saturday could exceed $20 billion dollars, making it one of the most costly storms in history, economic analysts said.

http://www.dailynews. com/cda/article/ print/0,1674, 200%257E20954%257 E2335597,00.html




Is it possible that John Titor warned us of an impending asteroid strike before 2014?

From the CNN article:

http:// www. cnn. com/ 2003/ TECH/ space /09/02/ asteroid .reut/ index.html

"Asteroid '2003 QQ47' will be closely monitored over the next two months. Its potential strike date is March 21, 2014, but astronomers say that any risk of impact is likely to decrease as further data is gathered."

On February 26, 2001 - John Titor was asked about the date of his departure:
"I'm guessing the date of your return to the future is April 19th."

JOHN: That is a day to remember but I was thinking more along the lines of March 21.

Was this John's way of warning us? Did he give the date of an asteroid impact in 2014 that would precede a civil war in 2015?