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Coast-To-Coast AM
Radio Program with host George Noory from Fri, October 8, 2004
Re-broadcast on Fri, January 7, 2005
10:00PM Pacific Time / 1:00AM Eastern Time

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HOST: Does the Bible Code Prove John Titor Was A TIme Traveler?

The "Bible Code" is a way of looking for hidden prophecies and passages in the Bible, by using a software program to search for messages in the Old Testament Hebrew text. The spaces between words are eliminated, so that the Old Testament is a continuous block of Hebrew letters. Then, by skipping letters at a programmed interval, the program searches for words. There appear to be patterns to the passages where the words are found. This method was popularized by the excellent book "The Bible Code", by Michael Drosnin. He now has a second book, that is very interesting reading: "Bible Code II: The Countdown", by Michael Drosnin, published by Viking Penguin, 2002. See this page for more on this subject. Also see the other pages on the King James Bible Code:

On this page, using the English King James Bible Code (the Bible Code also works in English) we will look at the prophecies of John Titor, who claimed to be a time traveler from the future (year 2036) when he posted on the web his messages about the future and time travel.




HOST: Since the John Titor story started four years ago, many have tried to claim they were John. According to John's own words, this is impossible and would immediately discredit the story. According to John, there is no way for the same time traveler to return to the exact timeline from which they left. If John does return, it would be one of an infinite number of Johns who had never been here before and would have no memory of the exact chain of events people here experienced in 2000 - 2001.

That said, a scandal is brewing around email sent form someone claiming to be John who has now been discredited. To make matters worse, it appears to have been sent by someone who has followed the John Titor closely since the beginning and befriended many of the original people who spoke to John. Could this be John? Not likely, according to many who have analyzed John's posts and writing style. It appears to be someone using John's audience to get their own message out.

Anomalies thread which discusses the posts discovery. ultimatebb.cgi? ubb=get_topic;f=9;t=001507

Anomalies thread - Hoax email discovered? ultimatebb.cgi? ubb=get_topic;f=9;t=001512

Timetravelforum thread - Hoax discovered? showtopic= 1032&pid=14735&st=30&#entry14735

Email sent to JTeditor by hoaxer hoping to gain publicity on this site?

HOST: The following is text from the email received by The email referred to links that are now posted on the above sites.

"We received this email from John Titor November 3, 2004 at 1:55am. We found it very unsettling that this came in as we clung to the election reports. In remembering John's posts from 2001 he constantly warned us of the coming Civil War in this country. The words we heard time and again on November 2nd was how 'split' the country was at this time and how we needed to 'mend' the country. Personally, I don't see how that can happen, but after reading this email from John my fears are that all we can do now is prepare. We are posting his email just as it came to us."



HOST: Since the last interview on Coast 2 Coast, the amount of email we received has increased dramatically. I apologize that I cannot answer everyone's email but I do appreciate the news links you have sent. The tone of the email seems to be very on edge with the elections approaching. Since blood isn't running in the streets yet, some are convinced John's world will not come to pass while others see the same news and events and are now convinced John is real. Either way, the number of news stories that seem to support John's claims appears to be on the increase. Even if the elections and the civil conflict John predicts can be avoided, does that mean he is a fake or does the invention of the computer system and atomic clock he described in detail prove his case? Only you can decide.




Coast-To-Coast AM
Radio Program with host George Noory from Fri, October 8, 2004
10:00PM Pacific Time / 1:00AM Eastern Time

Follow-up to August 6, 2004 show where host re-visits John Titor's predictions and updates them in light of current news. Host answers questions from callers.

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HOST: Over the past several months, the web site has noticed an interesting phenomenon in its site statistics. Increasingly, a surge in visitors from governmental and military domains have logged on to read about John Titor. Some visit from .army, .navy, .af, .usmc, .nasa, .ssa, and .treas domains. Most notably, many visitors originate from the .disa,.nipr, and .llnl domains. Below is the information on these domains.

Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA)


The Defense Information Systems Agency is a combat support agency responsible for planning, engineering, acquiring, fielding, and supporting global net-centric solutions to serve the needs of the President, Vice President, the Secretary of Defense, and other DoD Components, under all conditions of peace and war.


We are the provider of global net-centric solutions for the Nation's warfighters and all those who support them in the defense of the nation."

Article on Non-Classified Internet Protocol Router Network (NIPRNET)

"The Non-Classified Internet Protocol Router Network (NIPRNET) was created in 1995 as a network of government-owned IP routers used to exchange sensitive information." 08-26-02.asp

Department of Defense Network Information Center (NIC)

Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL)

"Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL) is a premier research and development institution for science and technology applied to national security. We are responsible for ensuring that the nation’s nuclear weapons remain safe, secure, and reliable. LLNL also applies its expertise to prevent the spread and use of weapons of mass destruction and strengthen homeland security.

Our national security mission requires special multidisciplinary capabilities that are also used to pursue programs in advanced defense technologies, energy, environment, biosciences, and basic science to meet important national needs. These activities enhance the competencies needed for our defining national security mission.

The Laboratory serves as a resource to the U.S. government and is a partner with industry and academia. Safe, secure, and efficient operations and scientific and technical excellence in our programs are necessary to sustain public trust in the Laboratory."




HOST: In the last few months, the John Titor story has continued to gain in popularity worldwide. Rochester Magazine published an interview with an IBM engineer who supports John's claims about the IBM 5100 computer, a recent radio documentary about John Titor has aired in Finland and more US based media inquires are hitting every day.

Next January, Hustler magazine plans to publish an article about John Titor in their March issue. Although you may substitute your own "I get it for the articles only" joke here, it has come to my attention that the decision makers at Hustler may be some of the most patriotic and constitutionally minded publishers in the business.

The following links are not pornographic and contain no adult material but may give more insight into Hustler's interest in John Titor.


Over the last few months you have probably noticed some substantial changes in HUSTLER regarding the content, the number of articles and features, the tone, the politics, the pictorials and the design. This, along with the return of my Publisher's Statement, is the result of my refocusing on the magazine after having been occupied with our sudden expansion into video production, nightclubs and retail stores.
I felt that, although our photography was still first-rate, and our attitude fiercely independent and antiestablishment, HUSTLER was no longer leading the charge against censorship and conformity. Where we once surprised and shocked, now we were only following a path I had established 29 years earlier.

Determined to recharge the magazine, I instructed my staff to completely rethink HUSTLER from top to bottom, always remembering, however, that we are individualistic, irreverent and honest, regardless of the consequences. Finally, these changes are coming together. Take a good look at the pages of the magazine you are now holding, and see if you don't agree that we are back on track, pushing the envelope, creating new standards and charting new directions. My pledge to you, the reader, is that we will continue doing everything in our power to make HUSTLER once again unpredictable and cutting edge. As good as this issue is, future issues will only get better.

Larry Flynt




HOST: As mentioned in an email on our 8/26/04 Mailbag update, the website is offering a cash prize for the first person to identify the device shown in John's time machine picture. We've all been anxiously awaiting the announcement of the winner. ubb=get_topic; f=9;t=000936;p=26




HOST: Take a look at the mailbag today and decide for yourself! If someone wins, please contact this site so we can post the results!




HOST: Here's a great new site on Anomalies and Alternative Science resources to check out! Alternative-Science/




Coast-To-Coast AM
Radio Program with host George Noory from Fri, August 6, 2004
10:00PM Pacific Time / 1:00AM Eastern Time

Host of introduces the story of John Titor to the Coast-To-Coast AM audience and reviews his predictuions that are supported by current news. Host answers questions from callers.

Download the August 6 Show

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HOST: With a little bit of help from the folks at the Fantastic site, on Friday, August 6th at 10:00 Pacific, 1:00 AM Eastern, the host and editor of will appear live with George Noory on Coast 2 Coast! Listen live for the latest John Titor updates! s=f7a17b85866abc 9464679178813858d2&forumid=30




HOST: Over the past several months, I've been receiving information about quite a few projects created about or related to John Titor. In order to better organize them, I have begun a new page on the site. Here you'll find information I receive on any John Titor media-related events, publications, multi-media, performances, and merchandise. Email me with any new pertinent information or feedback you may have on such projects.

In addition, over the past few months, the costs of maintaining this site have driven me to explore the idea of paid advertising here. You may soon see ads on several pages of the site in the near future. I thank the sponsors who are now providing the means to keep the site up for us all. They have also promised to keep me informed of their latest projects and we are working on making their current projects accessible through this site in the near future.




HOST: A few days ago, I recieved an email from a man named B.Z. who claims to be working for Larry Haber, an attorney that represents John TItor's mother in our time. (Here we go again) I have no way of knowing the validity of these claims but B.Z.went on to say that he was responsible for an audio drama about the life of John Titor before he started posting online. If you're interested, check the site out here: artistId=1070




HOST: Whoever purchases the book first, let us know if it offers anything new. Also the EBAY seller is relisting the book and claims to have another page from the operations manual! If anyone gets it, please let us know what it says. 3580046797&category=29351

Amazon is selling the book also. qid%3D1073248763/sr%3D11-1/ref%3Dsr%5F11%5F1/ 104-9620586-0420751




HOST: From an email.

JTeditor: I love the John Titor story and I love EBAY. Every now and then I like to plug in a random word or two and see what comes up on ebay. Take a look at what I found! I ordered one right from the seller so I'll tell you how it is when I get it. Love the site!! item=3576228489&category= 29351






Dear John Titor Fans:

Thanks for being so patient while I get the web site back up. I plan to have the pictures working in the next 24 hrs or so. As you know, I'm managing the site by myself and getting quite an education on how the Internet works. Probably the biggest surprise is how much it costs to keep a site up and running.

As such, I need to add advertising to the site to pay the bills. I hope this will not take anything away from the posts and I'd appreciate any feedback you have. I might be dreaming but I'm trying to find ads that might actually add something to the site. I will not put any type of pop-ups or other intrusive ads on the site and if anyone finds any adult or objectional material I'll remove the link.

I'm just now getting the email that's been forwarded to me from my friend so it may be a few more days before I can answer any of it. I'm also interested in any news links you might have that add to the site.

Thanks again!

JT editor



Fellow John Titor Fans:

Thank you for the support and patience. The site is now back up. Originally, the site was a collaboration between myself and a friend of a friend. I started the site by gathering up everything I could find on John Titor, editing it, and sending it to the person who put the site together.

Earlier this month, I received an odd email informing me he was removing the site from the internet. Later when I asked why, he was evasive and unsettled and told me he could no longer help with the site. After a few days, I found out that somone had contacted him about an issue with the pictures we had posted. I explained the pictures have been on the web for over two years and we had nothing to do with them. After a few more days, I found out that only one picture was the problem. It was the one where I added my own notes to the time machine schematic.

As of right now, I find all of this quite odd and I'm still unclear as to what the real problem was but I plan to keep the site up without that one picture. In the back of my mind, I believe one of three things may have happened:

1. Someone made a mistake and thought our picture was something else then realized they had made an error.

2. Someone is trying to erase or discredit the John Titor story.

3. Someone is building a C204 Time Machine.




I've been getting more and more email and a few questions pop up more than others.

1. Many have asked for a link to the voting map for 2000 that John refers to. I found one: map.asp

2. About one third of the email I get assumes that I am John. I am not. I only gathered what has been on the web for a while now into one place.

3. Others have suggested the John Titor saga is an elaborate hoax of some kind and all the posts were made after the events happened. The following link is some sort of archive service when John posted on the old Art Bell site. .com/forum display.php?forumid=25

This link is the original site where John first started posting. I haven't spoken to the web master myself but I've seen him discuss the original posts from time to time. If you do a search on thier site for "John Titor" you will see the archived links to his original posts. ?Cat=&Board= time_travel

There is also a group of people at the Anomalies site that have been following the story since it started in 2001.




The following letter was posted here a few days ago. =3&message= 145105&mpage= 1&showweek=9/1/2003

HOST: Are these the real words of John's mother on our world line? Who or what attorney is she speaking about and what did he leave behind?

To Whom It May Concern:

John was indeed real and appeared to have knowledge of events in our future. I am aware of the angst his words have caused some of you and for this I apologize. I do not think John expected or wished for his presence to become an online myth. Before he left, John warned us about certain events he thought would unfold. They have.

John's world was engulfed by war and suffering. His major concern in this world was for us, his family. While he was here, he did and said many things we did not understand. In spite of the differences between our worlds, his pessimism about our ability to avert a civil war was always evident.

John asked us to be vigilant concerning the residual effects the 2000 election would have on this country. Although he expected the same disruptions and arguments over the election process, his one bit of optimism concerned the courts future ability to let an election proceed. Apparently, in California, it has and it will. For me, this is the event John spoke about that would possibly avert civil disorder and conflict. Only time will tell.

John asked us to videotape his departure. We did and it was sent to several people who have apparently decided not to release it. Anything else John wrote or left behind with us was destroyed or is in the care of an attorney.

For us, it is over. We have since moved away from Florida and our son is safe and unaware of these events. We plan to keep it that way and hope you
will respect our wishes.


John's Mother



John Titor's predictions for the month of January have been added to the site.



Hello fellow time travel enthusiasts!

I've been on an extended holiday that was ore than deserved. Upon my return, I discovered over 500 emails about John Titor! I'm amazed at how many people are visiting the site and I just wanted to say thank you. Interestingly enough, I've gotten email form about 10 people claiming to be John (from various ages!), about 20 claiming to be John's parents, and another 30 or so claiming to be various people from the original posts who interacted with John.

My original intent was to consolidate his posts and I want to keep the site centered on what most people agree he said when he was here. I've decided not to post emails claiming to be people from John's story. If you are just burning to discuss John Titor with someone, I suggest you visit one of the many time forums listed on this site.

In an attempt to address all the email I'm going to have to adjust my policy. I can't guarantee I will post everything and I can only respond to a fraction of the email.

Now to address your questions:

1. I am not John Titor and I do not have a time machine, I never did and I don't know anyone who does. I cannot send anyone back in time!!!

2. I did not write any of the posts on the site. I only edited them so they may be easier to read. Please stop sending the same email suggesting I need medical attention.

3. I don't know how to get in touch with John or his parents. Please do not forward email to me in the hopes I can send it to them.

4. I do not have any additional information that is purposely not being put on the site. I'm trying to finish as fast as I can based on the interest in the posts.

5. Please do not expect me to respond to your email. I appreciate the time you've taken to write it but I don't have time to answer them all. Again, there are many forums online where people are talking about John.

6. Thanks for the suggestions on altering the site. Many of them are quite good and we'll take your advice.

7. I am aware of the Ardon Krep story and I have no way of knowing if that (is/was) John or not. Personally, I think if John's story were true, he would not be back to tell another one. If his story is false, the Krep version doesn't seem to have the same depth.

Thanks again for the interest and positive feedback on the site. I plan to get down to business soon and add more to the site.



HOST: I began posting the new category of JOHN'S PREDICTIONS, beginning with November 2000. The postings include appropriate web links for reference. I hope to add more to this category in the next few weeks or so.

I also posted some interesting emails I received.



HOST: Today I posted two new categories.

Under DATES AND TIMES OF POSTS, you will find as many of the dates and times that John posted while he was online.

Under JOHN'S WORLD IN 2036, I posted the edited comments that John mentioned about his world and the year 2036. I also added two pictures of John's time machine.



HOST: Two more web sites were added. The first is another site devoted to John Titor and the other has a list of links with additional information on all time travel subjects.



HOST: I've been getting some feedback on the site that indicates there are some HTML problems. We are attempting to fix them so more browsers may access the information. Thanks for letting me know. Today, the war summary and two more links to other time travel discussions were added. php?p=19432#19432



HOST: The organized subject on the 5100 goes up today as well as new web links to John Titor discussions sites and a great link on physics issues John discussed. ?st=1&c=795



HOST: After months of editing and paraphrasing, goes up on the web in our worldline. Enjoy!